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Two happy business colleagues at meeting in modern office interior. Successful african boss in a conversation with young employee in boardroom. Marketing team of two businessmen discussing strategy in meeting room.Compiler optimization is generally implemented using a sequence of optimizing transformations, algorithms which take a program and transform it to produce a semantically equivalent output program that uses fewer resources or executes faster. It has been shown that some code optimization problems are NP-complete, or even undecidable.

In practice, factors such as the programmer’s willingness to wait for the compiler to complete its task place upper limits on the optimizations that a compiler might provide. Optimization is generally a very CPU- and memory-intensive process. In the past, computer memory limitations were also a major factor in limiting which optimizations could be performed.

The emblematic street food of Sichuan province and a favorite of night markets throughout China, red-hot dan dan noodles are named for the poles that street vendors in the city of Chengdu once used to cart their cooking pots and equipment. And fragrant, dark sesame paste. No two cooks make it exactly the same way, but what remains constant are pleasantly chewy noodles and that fiery, red-hot sauce.

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